State of emergency – Information on work activities


1. Recreational, leisure and fun activities:

-Concert restaurants and cafes;
-Fado houses;
-Discotheques and dance halls;
-Bars; -Party rooms;
-Art galleries and exhibitions;
-Amusement parks, markets and similars;
-Water parks;
-Recreational parks for children;
-Any places for leisure sports;
-Other locations or facilities similar to the previous ones.

2. Cultural and artistic activities:

-Movie theaters;
-Museums and National Monuments;
– Bullfighting squares, places and installations;
-Congress pavilions;
-Concert halls;
-Conference rooms;
-Exhibition rooms;
-Multipurpose rooms and multipurpose pavilions;

3. Sports activities:

-Football, rugby and similar fields;
-Pavilions or closed rooms;
-Football pavilions, basketball, handball, volleyball, roller hockey and the like;
-Shot ranges;
-Courts of tennis, padel and similar;
-Skating rinks, ice hockey and the like;
-Boxing rings, martial arts and similar;
-Permanent circuits for motorcycles, automobiles and similar;
-Hippodromes and similar tracks;
-Sports pavilions;
-Running tracks;

4. Open spaces and public roads:

-Cycling, motorcycling, motoring and similar tracks;
-Nautical tests and exhibitions;
-Aeronautical tests and exhibitions;
-Parades and popular festivals or folkloric or other folkloric manifestations of any nature.

5. Gambling and betting activities:

-Establishments of games of chance, such as bingo or similar;
-Gaming rooms;
-Recreational lounges;
-Any specific or comparable betting locations.

6. Hospitality and catering activities, except for the provision of take-away meals or home deliveries:

-Taverns and cellars;
-Coffee shops, bars and similars;
-Chocolatiers, ice cream parlors, tea houses and similars;
-Restaurants, self-service restaurants and similars;
-Hotel bars and restaurants;


1. Commercial establishments:

– Retail trade of parts and accessories for motor vehicles and motorcycles;
– Retail trade in supermarkets and hypermarkets;
– Retail trade in other non-specialized establishments, with a predominance of food products, beverages or tobacco;
– Retail trade of fruit and vegetables, in specialized stores;
– Retail trade of meat and meat products, in specialized stores;
– Retail trade of fish, crustaceans and mollusks, in specialized stores;
– Retail trade of bread, pastry and confectionery, in specialized stores;
– Retail sale of beverages in specialized stores;
– Retail trade of tobacco, in specialized stores;
– Retail trade of milk and dairy products, in specialized stores;
-Retail trade of food products, natural and dietetic, in specialized stores; -Other retail trade of food products in specialized stores;
– Retail sale of fuel for motor vehicles, in specialized stores;
– Retail sale of computers, peripheral units and software in specialized stores;
-Repair of computers and peripheral equipment, communication equipment, household appliances and other similar consumer goods;
-Washing and dry cleaning of textiles and skins;
-Medical services or other health and social support services;
-Essential public services;
-Bank, financial and insurance services;
-Funeral and related activities.

Note: In retail or service establishments that maintain their activity, the following rules must be observed:

a) In establishments in physical space, measures must be taken to ensure a minimum distance of two meters between people, a stay for the time strictly necessary for the purchase of products and a ban on the consumption of products inside, without prejudice to respect for the access and allocation rules provided for in Ordinance No. 71/2020, of 15 March;

b) The provision of the service and the transport of products must be carried out with respect for the necessary hygiene and sanitary rules defined by the health authorities;


In the remaining commercial establishments, it is forbidden for customers to stay inside, and the products must be made available to the public at the door or wicket, avoiding crowds of people, and, in particular, safety distances of at least two meters must be controlled in order to avoid possible contagions.